Friday, September 30, 2016

JIAN @ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows

We have two releases new just for Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows!
The event opens Oct. 1st and runs through Oct. 31st.

First, be sure to find our premium stall located just around the entrance and grab some bats that will fly around your land and house, as well as accompany you as a loyal, creepy companion.
Only L$450 for the entire collection which includes orbiting left and right, freely wandering, companion and three hanging bats, all animated with two coat choices and an option for red eyes.

Next, find our gacha directly across from our bats and get yourself an abandoned shack with lots of spooky, cob-web adorned decor to get ready for Halloween.
L$50 per play \\ 10% chance for the rare

JIAN @ Salem \\ Witch's Recluse Gacha Key

Check out all of it in-person at our main store before heading over to the event!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows Sneak-peak...

The time of year approaches where creepy and spooky are upon us!
Rest assured we behind JIAN are working very hard to bring a bit of spooky and spoopy to your Second Life.
For now, have these teasers for our just a couple of our new goodies coming to Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows on Oct. 1st...

JIAN Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ Sneak Peak JIAN Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ Sneak Peak 2

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hummingbird Flowers | FaMESHed

Hummingbird Flowers (FaMESHed)

Our new Hummingbird Flowers are now available at FaMESHed!
Click on the post to see more details about this release.