Friday, December 30, 2022

Beaglad for this Beagle Pup this Secret Sale (Sorry, Puns aren't my strong suit!)

It's time for the last Secret Sale of the year!

 Ring it in with this handsome beagle pup! Nonanimesh, this set includes a wanderer, companion and held version! Loveable and tenacious, but that's just my opinon! But these pups are animated puppers who are sure to win your heart, and for only 50L this weekend only!

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Friday, December 23, 2022

Don't be Koi... Come on down to The Fifty! NEW ANIMESH KOI ZEN POND!

I wish, I wish, for a beautiful fish! OK I don't know if that's really how it goes, but what's important is that JianPets has come out with an awesome Koi Pond with Animesh Koi fish! Not only is the pond really cool with animated water and a waterfall, it also has other texture options, including with ice! You can click to spawn koi into it, and they'll stay in its boundaries!

There is more included in the set though! You can have a worn companion, no land necessary as it will attach right to your avatar! There are also wanderers (20LI each) and Circlers, which move in a radius you select. Need some for a picture or just as stationary decor? There are those versions included as well! 

There's nothing fishy about this new release, head on down to the Fifty this month to grab it!


Christmas Puppy Mischief for The Secret Sale!


It's FINALLY that magical time where families gather, eat a good meal and share gifts with one another. These puppies are getting into the Christmas Spirit too! The sweet pups of  the True Spirit of Christmas Tree know that it's not how it looks, it's the love behind it. While the Christmas Puppers are lively, opening up their gifts and just making a mess in their excitement!

Both sets are non-animesh, animated decor. They are only 50L this weekend for the Secret Sale!

Secret Sale starts Saturday at Midnight and goes through until Sunday! 

Merry Christmas from all of us at Jian, may you and your menagerie of pets have a good one, and a happy new year!

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Friday, December 16, 2022

New Classic Collars for the Labrador Puppy for the Secret Sale!


Extend your Labrador Puppy's wardrobe with a new, colorful collar! 
This produce only works with the animesh Jian Labrador Puppy, and is available in 16 colors!
Requires land or sandbox access for set up, each collar is sold separately!

These collars will be 50L this weekend only, so grab one before time runs out!

NEW @ Jian! Emperor Penguin Chicks! + Bonus Store Credit with Purchase!


You love the Animesh Emperor Penguins, now meet the newest pengwings to the block--their adorable baby Emperor Penguin Chicks! This pack includes a companion, wanderer and placer versions! The wanderers have three different size versions.

AND! If you purchase from the JIAN Pets main store before December 31st, you'll get 600L in store credit after you buy! That's 50% back at you!

So add to your winter wonderland today! And while you're add it, why not grab the adult Emperor Penguins, and maybe some Reindeer too? 

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Find these Newfoundland Puppies at Designer Outlet for a discounted price!


Designer Outlet is open, and for this month only, you can grab a Newfoundland Puppy for only 50L!

There are four coat styles available, sold separately! Head on down to the Designer Outlet, and get this deal today!

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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Dress Up Your Labrador Puppy for Christmas! NEW Wardrobe Options available on sale for FLF / Secret Sale / Saturday Sale!

Isn't your Jian Labrador Puppy adorable? Couldn't he/she be even MORE adorable? While you think it may be impossible, you haven't seen all the great NEW Wardrobe Items available, on sale for this weekend only! They work on all animesh lab puppies, companion, wanderers, held and placers!

For Fifty Linden Friday, we have the Reindeer Antlers, available in 4 colors! 

For Saturday Sale we have the Santa Hat! Also available in 4 colors!

For Secret Sale we have the Winter Bandana, available in 4... NO! 8 colors!

Click this blog entry to see the ads for the Bandana and Santa Hat, and get a Taxi to Jian PETS!

FLF starts Friday at midnight, Saturday Sale and Secret Sale start Saturday at midnight!

Friday, December 2, 2022

Artic Foxes for Secret Sale

It's time again for the Secret Sale! 

With winter now upon us, your mind might be turning to snow banks and white foxes hunting in a barren forest. The Classic Artic Foxes are Non-Animesh and on sale for 50L for this weekend only. 

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