Friday, January 21, 2022

Classic Lion and Tiger Cubs for Secret Sale!


Classic Tiger and Lion Cubs available for 50L each for Secret Sale Weekend!

NON-Animesh, these cute little cubs come in a pack of companions & wanderers or a handheld version! Includes texture change, sounds and animation and all the other amenities you've come to love from Jian!

Head on down to the Jian Mainstore and add these babies to your menagerie!

Introducing JIAN Pets Wardrobe!


Your kitties are fashionistas in the making. Help them elevate their outside to match the confidence and finesse on the inside with our NEW Bread & Collar Pack!


Update your JIAN Cats today to version 1.1 to allow your animesh cats to wear new fun accessories with plenty more to come. You can get this update in-store at JIAN by clicking on a redelivery terminal and getting a resend from your personal shopping history.

Our first release features two collars and a bread head for your kitties to sport.

Bowtie Collar
› 12 Fabric Colors
› 3 Fabric Pattern Prints
› Back & Front Bow Option
Charm Collar
› 4 Charm Types
› 11 Leather Colors
Bread Head
› 8 types of bread for your cat to wear on its head
› It's Bread!

This new release will be available for just L$75 thru this weekend for ALL 3 accessories in one pack!

They're easy to use in just a few clicks.
Check out the instructions for how our new system works here:

Don't have kitties? FIX IT!
Our kitties will also be available ON SALE at their original intro prices for this weekend for the introduction of our new Wardrobe System.

Find them right alongside the wardrobe pack!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Classic Collie, Secret Sale!


 Secret Sale now goes from 12AM Saturday to 12AM Monday, and this week, Jian has NON-Animesh Classic Country Collie Adults & Pups for 50L each!

Click through for more information and head on down to the Jian Mainstore and pick up yours!

Thursday, January 6, 2022

NEW for Fifty Linden Friday ~ Snow Diver Fox

NEW @ JIAN for Fifty Linden Friday
Snow Diving Foxes
Just L$50 all weekend 1/7-1/9

Get our new snow diving fox all thru this weekend in-store only.

This new fella is looking for a meal and he's an expert hunter.
Watch his listen for and stalk his prey, then dive into the snow with the chance to either come up empty or catch himself a satisfying mousey meal.

Hurry! This handsome fox will only be on sale for this weekend.

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