Thursday, March 31, 2022

Classic Rotties for 50L Friday!

Classic, non-animesh Rottweilers are on sale for 50L this friday!

Choose between Adults or Puppies, both sets are on sale! 
Adults include Companions and Wanderers!
 Puppies include Companions, Wanderers and Held versions!

Come pick them up Friday 3/31/22 @ the Jian Main Store!

Click through for a picture of the puppies ad!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Magical Nekomata Floating In for the Secret Sale

This Secret Sale, we've discounted the fun and mysterious Nekomata pets!

Available in three colors, these kitty yokai are Non-Animesh and include companions, wanderers, and floating companions that fly alongside you!  Natural and clothed versions included. 

Grab them this weekend before they float back to regular price, only at the Jian Main Store!

Click through to see images of the Black & Twilight versions.

Friday, March 25, 2022

🐆 NEW Animesh Leopards Spotted at The Fifty! 🐆


New! Animesh! Companion, Wanderer, Animated Sleeping & Branch Resting versions! Low LI Static versions!

These big kitties include everything you've come to love about Jian pets! A hud system allows you to change fur colors, add a name, trigger an animation on your companion and choose a radius for your wanderer to roam around in! You can also toggle sounds and animations on and off!

Find them at a special introductory price at the Fifty event, from now until April 20th! 


The Fifty Slurls

The Fifty:


Friday, March 18, 2022

Conjure Up a Conure with new colors and always flying versions this Secret Sale!


This weekend for the Secret Sale, there will be 6 new color versions of the Conure bird pet, all including new "always flying" wanderer and companion versions! Those who already own the original conure release can get an updated version free via the redelivery terminal! 
*this update is to include the new flying companion/wanderer*
*each color is it's own product and not included in the update*

These Non-Animesh beauties will be on sale for 50L each color for this weekend only! (3/19/22-3/20/22) So grab this deal before it flies away! Only at the  Jian Mainstore !

Friday, March 11, 2022

Shhh... Animesh Boxers Discounted for Secret Sale!


It's time for the Secret Sale! This weekend (3/12-3/13)  Animesh Boxers and Puppies will be  available for 50L each! What a bargain! Click through for images, then head down to the Jian Mainstore to get yours this weekend!