Friday, January 14, 2022

Classic Collie, Secret Sale!


 Secret Sale now goes from 12AM Saturday to 12AM Monday, and this week, Jian has NON-Animesh Classic Country Collie Adults & Pups for 50L each!

Click through for more information and head on down to the Jian Mainstore and pick up yours!

Sporting 4 dog textures and a color change bandana, the Classic Country Collie Adults are ready to come into your home and into your heart!  Worn Companions and Rezzed Wanderers (10LI) are included, as well as two static meshes--the Dog House and the Family Rug! Adorable!

Nexy up, we have the Classic Country Collie Pups. Like the Adults, they have 4 fur options and a color change bandana! Included are Worn Companions, Rezzed Wanderers (6LI), and Arm Held Sleepers! One more darling item included is the Pup TV (5LI) with 3 animated pups! 

Hope to see you out there, Jiansters! Have a great weekend!