About Gachas

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Gachas in Second Life are a game of chance where you pay per play to receive one of a specific collection of items within the gacha machine you are playing. Typically, this will include a number of common items and several rare items.

To check out what gachas we currently have available, head to our main store and/or check out our gacha blog posts!

JIAN Main Store  |  Gacha Blog Posts

What you get is entirely up to chance based on the settings of the gacha vendor.

◑ We can NOT refund or exchange any gacha items.

◑ We can NOT offer support on third party resold items. Sorry.

◑ We can NOT sell you the items in a gacha with different permissions or separately on their own.

◑ We can NOT redeliver a gacha item you won except in the case of non-delivery, which you will need to prove with a screenshot of what you won with your avatar. We recommend gyazo or grabilla. Do not use snapshots in-world.

◑ Whether you played 1 or 100 times, all players are treated equally and we will not grant special treatment or extra copies. Please be respectful to us and others.

◑ If a set was originally introduced at an event with an 'exclusive' prize, that prize will not be available after the event is over and we cannot give it out. Please be aware of this when playing our in-store gachas!

About buying gacha items from other people...

While we certainly don't want to discourage players from trading and selling/buying to get their exact desires from our gachas, many get angry with us when we state we cannot support third party purchases and don't understand what's happened.

Third party purchases mean any purchases of a gacha item we made that you buy from someone other than our business account.

Unless your transaction history says "JianSL Resident" as the paid party for the item, you have purchased your item from someone other than us.
Your transaction history item for it should look as below.
You can find your transaction history here:

While we try to help those with technical issues with the product as best we can no matter where they purchased it, we simply cannot replace copybotted items, empty boxes or failed deliveries that players purchase from someone other than us, not matter how much you've personally spent on it.
We thank you for your understanding!

Please be careful about who and what you are buying from!