Instructions for the African Elephant

Hi there! Thank you for purchasing our African Elephant!
This page includes instructions for all three versions of the African Elephant (companion, wanderer and mount). This page includes general instructions that cover features that are on all three versions, as well as version specific functions under that specific product's section.

Some important stuff to note about animesh, which is what these elephants are...
  • Animesh requires an animesh capable second life viewer.
    You can download the latest SL viewer here.
    Or check out third-party viewers here.
  • Animesh can't be resized. This isn't our choice; it's a second life thing. Sorry!
  • You can only wear one animesh object at a time.
    ... unless you have a premium account, then you can have two.
    Again, this isn't our choice; it's a second life thing. Sorry!

All three products have very similar HUDs with mostly identical functions, but only the HUD that goes with your specific product will work with each type.
When you make a change that's important to note, it will let you know in local chat with a private to you (owner) message.

We'll go over each part of the HUD below.

First, the help buttons.
These are the following functions, in order from left to right:
- Help: leads you to this page
- Landmark: gives you a landmark to our main store
- Group: gives you a link in local chat to join our store update group
- Web: links you to our website/blog

We also have the texture/appearance options.
These let you change...

Click the L and R respectively to change either tusk individually or click the tusk icon of your choice to change both at the same time.
You can choose natural for nice, long, beautiful tusks.
You can choose capped for tusks with a rounded metal cap in case your elephant has had its tusks removed for safety/poacher reasons.

You can choose from 6 different shades of elephant skin for your elephant. Clicking the red or green button under 'auto swap' will either allow or prevent the automatic changing of the texture based on your elephant's animations. Having it on will allow your elephant to become dirty when it throws dirt with its trunk or to appear clean/normal when it sprays water.
If it is off, the elephant will stay whatever texture you choose, with or without mud, regardless of animations.

Saddle Leather & Blankets
These change the saddle and blankets underneath it. They are unaffected by animations.

The animations section lets you individually play one of the various animations included in the elephant's idle cycle or prevent it from being a part of it.
You may have to rechoose these options each time you relog in and out of Second Life or attach the elephant fresh.

If you click the big red square button under an animation, this will prevent the animation from playing at random. You will get a message in local chat that will reflect this.
If you wish to include the animation back in at random, click the green triangle (play). Another message in local chat will let you know the animation will once again play at random.

You can also click the play button to force the animation to play at will.


All elephants also have an option for sound and name.
You can turn sounds off with the red button, or back on with the green.

Name means a floating text name that you can give your elephant.
To set the name, click 'set'. A blue block menu will drop down and prompt you to enter a name.
Clear will erase the name from your elephant that you are working with.
You can also change the color of the floating text name by clicking one of the 6 colors on the paint palette.

Mount Instructions

The mount has several functions on its HUD that are specific to it and depending on the type of mount you are riding (attached or rezzed) will only allow certain buttons to work at a given time.
You must be riding a mount, regardless of the type, for your HUD to work with it.

We recommend waiting a few seconds once hopping on your rezzed mount before moving to give it time to load the animations, or you may get an error.

Once you've customized your elephant and sitting position how you like, you can detach the HUD and go! You only need it on to play/disable animations after that, if you decide you want to.

WORN mount elephants only allow for one rider. Choose this option if you are alone and/or want to ride your elephant in a place where you do not have rezz permission. The mount-specific functions on the HUD do not work with the WORN mount elephant. To change your avatar's position on your mount, you will need to adjust the actual object position so that the elephant is correctly at floor height, and then adjust your avatar's height off of the ground accordingly.
This item needs to be attached to your Avatar Center. It should by default attach there.
If for some reason it becomes attached to an incorrect location on your avatar, detach and then reattach by right clicking it in your inventory and choosing Attach to ➤ Avatar Center.

REZZED mount elephants allow for up to 2 riders whose positions you can change via the HUD.
You can also change who can ride your rezzed elephant (only you or everyone) by clicking either Owner or All.
Please note that if you have multiple mounts rezzed out, your commands will only affect the one that you are either riding or are closest to.

To change a rider's position:
- Choose F (front/driver) or B (back/passenger)
- Use the arrow buttons to move your chosen rider up, down, forward or back on the Z or X axis.
If you are unsure of which direction axis you're affecting, change your camera position to match the perspective of the saddle on the HUD, then press arrow buttons.
- You can reset the position of either rider by clicking the circular arrow button underneath the matching label.

Whoever gets seated on the elephant first will be the driver. Second will be the passenger/back.
If you wish to switch, simply hop off of the elephant and back on in the order you'd like to be in.

More importantly however - you must grant the mount elephant animation permissions when first seating on it. It will not ask you again for as long as you ride it. If you deny permissions, the mount cannot animate your avatar and you may end up looking a bit silly.
You can hop off and back on to try again with permissions.

Wanderer Instructions

The wanderer version of our elephants have specific buttons that affect how your wanderer behaves.

To start, with the HUD attached, click on the wanderer you want to work with.
This will make a particle appear over top of one of your elephants on the parcel that looks like the one to the left.

This icon will continue to float over top of your elephant until you are finished with its options and turn it on.

With your chosen wanderer selected, as reflected by the particle over top of it, you can then change...
- Phantom: whether your elephant can physically push avatars and other physical objects around or not
- Radius: click a number that represents how far in meters your elephant can wander from where you turn it on.
- On/off: green turns your wanderer on, red stops it and returns it to its starting point

Companion Instructions

Companions do not come with any product-specific functions, but there are some important things to note.

Companions must attach to your "Avatar Center".
You could attach it to your hand or something, but then the elephant will flail and move wherever your hand goes and that's gonna be a bit crazy. So hey, if you need to reset where your elephant is attached, right click it in your inventory, hover over "Attach to" choose "Avatar Center".
This will allow you to move your elephant into a position where it can walk and move alongside of your avatar. It's best to get the elephant even with the ground, even if your avatar is floating in its animations. You could have the elephant float in the air, but again, kinda weird. You do you, though!

You can ONLY have up to 2 animesh items attached. You could choose two elephants, but if you have two companion elephants attached, the HUD will affect them *both*.
If you want to give your companions a name or customization option, we recommend you attach them one at a time to change their textures and name them. Once you're done, wear them both and bam, you're good to go with your new elephant buddies.

Thank you for bringing some of our elephants home with you!

If you need assistance with your purchase, please contact our store account (jiansl resident).
We hope you enjoy them!
Kalia & Ashur (& Tricky, too)