Instructions for Fox

Thank you for adopting our foxes!
🦊  They can't wait to come play with you~ 🦊

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First, here's some important stuff to note about animesh, which is what these are...

  • Animesh requires an animesh capable second life viewer.
    You can download the latest SL viewer here.
    Or check out third-party viewers here.
  • Animesh can't be resized. This isn't our choice; it's a second life thing. Sorry!
  • You can only wear one animesh object at a time.
    ... unless you have a premium account, then you can have two.
    Again, this isn't our choice; it's a second life thing. Sorry!

All of the cat products use very similar HUDs and each 'pack' uses the same HUD between the products within it. If you have the fat pack, you'll need to look for the name of the product you want to work with and use the proper HUD to communicate with it.
When you make a change that's important to note, it will let you know in local chat with a private to you (owner) message.

With that out of the way, let's get on with some info for you~ 

Understanding Selection & Commands

Before we continue, it's important to know how and when your foxes will respond to commands from your HUD. If your fox isn't responding to your commands, this is probably why!

All rezzed on land pets of ours MUST FIRST be right clicked and 'touched' before they will respond to any commands from a HUD.
This includes wanderers, posers, statics, etc. - literally any animal that you rezz out on land.
This is to make it easier to customize one animal at a time if you happen to have multiple on your land/parcel. 

When you 'touch' the animal, it will make a particle float above it that will look like the example shown. This particle will float over it for 10 seconds, which is how long it will be listening to you after that first click. You may now click the HUD and give your animal commands. Each click will refresh the listen timer fresh for another 10 seconds from the time you send the command. 

Worn companions and helds will respond to your HUD without needing anything more than a click on their corresponding HUD. 
It's important to note that ALL attached companions and helds will respond to a command from their matching HUD. This means if you have two companions or two helds attached at one time they will both respond and change accordingly together.
If you want to customize them individually, you will need to attach one at a time to customize then detach it, then attach the other to customize. When you are done customizing the second animal, you can reattach the first one and both will retain their individual settings until the HUD issues another command while they are being worn.

It's also worth noting that starting specifically with our foxes, posers and statics will respond to -any- fox HUD you currently have attached.

Now that you know how selection and HUD commands work, we can move on!

Control HUD Functions

This tab lets you set a floating text name on your selected/worn fox(es).

Set - Will produce a drop down blue menu for you to input a text name.
Clear - Will erase any floating text name applied to your currently worn or selected foxes.
Palette - Click to change the color of the floating text name.

This tab lets you control and customize your wanderers.

Radius - Click a number that represents how far in meters your animal can wander from where you turn it on. Each time you click, the wanderer will revert to it's original starting point and start over.
On/off -  Green turns your wanderer on. Red stops it and returns it to its starting point

This will toggle your pet's 'phantom' status.
This means your pet will either be able to bump into physical objects, like your avatar, or if phantom is on your pet is basically a ghost that will pass through everything.
This is only applicable to wanderers.

Toggle your pet's sounds on/off.

Your pets (companion & wanderer) can perform four animations on command.
Click the red rectangle  to eliminate that animation from your pet's animation cycle.
Click the green triangle  to force that animation to immediately play and restore it to the animation cycle.

This is specific to held pets.
This buttons turns on or off any avatar-specific animations that your held may be causing your avatar to play. Use this if you need to adjust other attachments or wish to play your own custom hold animation.

The texture HUD works with all animals included in the Fox release, no matter whether you purchased the complete fatpack or multiple packs individually. 
⚠️ Reminder that just like with the control HUDs, rezzed out on land animals must be selected with a right click ➟ "touch" before they will register commands from any HUD.
⚠️ It will also affect any and all worn foxes at once, so customize by detaching/attaching one at a time before wearing both at once.

How-to and Important Notes

Companions and Helds come with their attachment points pre-set for you, though you may need to move them into a better position to fit your unique avatar.

Companions must attach to your "Avatar Center".
You could attach it to your hand or something, but then the pet will flail and move wherever your hand goes and that's gonna be a bit crazy. So hey, if you need to reset where your dog is attached, right click it in your inventory, hover over "Attach to" choose "Avatar Center".
This will allow you to move your dog into a position where it can walk and move alongside of your avatar. It's best to get the pet even with the ground, even if your avatar is floating in its animations. You could have the pet float in the air, but again, kinda weird. You do you, though!

Helds can usually be reassigned to new attachment spots if you need or choose, but you will need to move the animal back into position/rotation on to suit the new spot and your avatar.
If the new spot causes some weird attachment point movement, you'll want to try another spot but you'll have to start over again or unpack a fresh copy to use the original attachment point.

Thank you for bringing some of our pets home with you!
We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them.

If you need assistance with your purchase, please contact our store account (jiansl resident).
Kalia & Ashur