Instructions for Wardrobe


"Wardrobe" is JIAN Pets' system for dressing your JIAN Pets up in fashion and accessories.

It is important to note that each JIAN Pets Wardrobe product requires a specific base product that is stated on its ad and imagery. This is a separate purchase from the "Wardrobe" product.

JIAN Pets Wardrobe items ONLY work with animesh animated pets by JIAN.
All releases after August 2022 are wardrobe compatible.
  • If you have a pre-wardrobe release version of a pet, you will need to update your product using your personal shopping history page which you can get from a redelivery terminal.
    Compatible pets will say "Wardrobe Compatible" in the object description field.
    All releases after August 2022 have Wardrobe Compatibility natively.
  • They will not work with static posed items -- sorry!
  • They will not work or fit any other brand's pets or any pets but the specific animal on the ad.
You can check whether or not you own the product necessary and get it redelivered to you by
visiting us in-world and clicking on a redelivery terminal.

In order to work with your wardrobe and dress your pets, you will need to rezz them on the ground.
This goes for **any** pet you wish to dress including companions & helds.

If you do not have a private parcel or land to rezz your pets and wardrobes out on -- that's OKAY!
We provide a rezz area for wardrobe changes on our second sim here.

To dress your pet with a Wardrobe item:

  1. Rezz your animesh pet and the wardrobe box out on land near each other.
  2. Click on the wardrobe box.
    It will ask permission to attach an object to you - this is the HUD.
    Grant permission and allow the HUD to attach to your avatar.
  3. With the HUD on, right click / 'touch' the pet you wish to dress.
    This will cause the selection particle icon to float above it to show that it is actively selected and listening for commands. 
    This particle icon must be floating over your pet for it to register commands from your HUD.
    Keep both the wardrobe box and pet rezzed out.
  4. Click the "Equip to Pet" button on the HUD to attach your new item to your pet.
  5. Once the item is successfully attached, you can choose colors and options from the rest of the HUD.
  6. To remove the item, have the HUD attached and choose "X Remove".
    You can either remove just that attachment or all attachments at once (if there are multiple).
  7. When you're done, you can delete or take up the box and detach the HUD.
Congrats! Your pet is now extra snazzy and equipped with its new accessory.

If your pet is an attached version, you can now take it back into your inventory and 'wear' it.
Any time you wish to change accessories or attach new ones, you will need to rez out the pet again.