Store / Product FAQs

Question about gachas and gacha items? Click here instead!

 Do you do custom work?
No, we do not do custom work except in very rare circumstances for personal friends. We're happy to hear suggestions for new products you'd like to see though!

 What does it mean when something is 'legacy'?
In general, this means the item is either older (2+ years) and/or has been re-released as a regular product into our store after being retired from an exclusive event release of some kind, now available to the general public again.
These items are usually either discounted or available with different permissions/functions from the previous release.

 Can you give me a texture/model you made to customize?
No, we do not do offer our textures, models or scripts to anyone to customize.
The reason for this is we simply do not have time to offer these to everyone or the heart to tell everyone *no* when they ask for a special custom color they saw someone else have. Sorry.

 How do I get a re-delivery of my purchase?
If you purchased a non-gacha product, you should be able to get your purchase resent to you any time by visiting our main store and finding a redelivery terminal. When you made your purchase will determine where you click on it (right or left side by date). Recent purchases will use the right side.
If you bought an item on the marketplace, IM us and we'll be happy to issue a redelivery via the marketplace which will show up in your received items folder at the bottom of your inventory window.
If you bought a gacha item, we do NOT do re-deliveries on these items except in the case of failed delivery or accidental decline, which you will need to prove with a screenshot of your local chat where it clearly states the item was declined. We do NOT sell our gacha items on the marketplace.
If you purchased one of our items that is a gacha item on the marketplace or at a yardsale, you purchased this from a third party reseller (ie. not us) and you must contact that person for help instead. You can find this person's name in your transaction history or in your marketplace transactions list. We cannot offer support on these items due to the chance of copy-botting or fraudulent sales made with empty boxes.

 Can I make an animesh animal roam off-sim?
No. Regardless of modify permissions or not, this is not feasible due to Second Life constraints with animesh. Non-animesh animals/models will work by linking to a root prim and moving the object as far away as you please. This is not the case with animesh. This is not something we impose but a limitation imposed by the way Linden Labs handled animesh.
Please do not expect our animesh animals will be able to do this for you! There is a reason it is not included.

 How do I tell ya'll about something I'd like to see you make?
While we definitely see every IM and notecard sent to us, we have a suggestion form you can use too!
For the record on the topic of cropped/docked dogs/animals...
While everyone is welcome to their opinion, we at Jian will always work with the natural ears and tail of a dog/cat. We will not make docked/cropped versions. Sorry!

▶ How do I purchase something as a gift?
To purchase something as a gift, right click and 'touch' the vendor.
This will bring up a menu that will have a gifting option and will walk you through it the rest of the way in local chat.
If you have accidentally purchased something more than once intending to give it as a gift, please contact us with the names you'd like us to send them to instead. We will only do this for duplicate purchases made on non-gacha, non-freebie purchases.
Please be aware that our permissions are clearly stated on all ads and this is why we will only do this on duplicates. Thank you for understanding!

▶ I'd like something with different permissions. Can you do this please?
No, we will not give out products with different permissions from their original sale, be it gacha or a normal product, except in the case of mistake on an ad.
While the permissions on the item you purchased may say 'modify', our wanderers sold in collections are generally given out with no modify permissions granted on purpose. You can still resize them through the menu as needed. These animals will NOT work with rezzers due to the nature of how their menus work, which is why we do not do this. Sorry!

▶ We'd like you at our mall / shopping event! Would you like to join in?
Generally speaking, our schedule is very busy and planned out well in advance.
If you'd like to invite us to your event, please do so at least 2 - 3 months in advance, as both Ashur and Kalia have previous commitments not just to Jian but also to other various things throughout Second Life and elsewhere.
We do not do mall/parcel rentals or set ups any more, as we simply do not have the time to dedicate to keeping them up to date. While we appreciate the thought even if it's offered to us for free we must decline. Thank you for understanding.

And as a general rule of thumb...
We don't make animals, dogs or otherwise, with cropped tails or ears.