Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lively Labs | The Arcade

JIAN Lively Labs @ The Arcade September (Key)

Now available at The Arcade Gacha Events - a lively collection of adorable labradors!
Click on the post to see more details about this release.

Now available at the September round of The Arcade!
Visit us in-world to grab a complete pack of landmarks to the sims and the pre-loader HUD for fast loading into the sim.

16 commons | 3 rares | 19 to collect
+1 25 play reward!
L$50 per play

Playful, rambunctious, silly. These labradors are eager to show you just how fun of a companion they can be!

If you play the machine 25 times, as our special thanks for being AWESOME you will be gifted the adult wanderer labrador - a copyable, non-transferable aviation-centric pup who loves to fly through the sky. The adult wanderer labrador can ONLY be obtained this way at the September round of The Arcade, so get him while you still can!