Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hallow-Inu Collection :: The Epiphany

JIAN Hallow-Inu Collection @ The Epiphany (Oct. 2016)

The Hallow-Inu Collection available at The Epiphany!
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19 commons | 3 rares | 22 to collect
+1 Point Prize - 25 Epiphany Points
L$50 per play

It's dangerous to go Trick-or-Treating alone. Take a Hallow-Inu!

These new shibes are all grown up and ready for their first Halloween with their new owner. The set includes a collection of whimsical costumed shibes as well as normal and trick-or-treat bucket toting shibes to help you collect your candy as you go. Don't forget to take a bucket for yourself!

The Epiphany has a special point prize system that only lasts during the round the set is active in.
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