Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Love Pugs at The Gacha Garden

JIAN Love Pugs (The Gacha Garden)

Available NOW at the February round of The Gacha Garden!
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16 Common  |  3 Rare  |  19 to collect
1 Seed of Inspiration 20 play prize!
50L per play - 10% rare chance

Give yourself a lil' sugar by bringing home these wrinkly packages full of love to give.
They include our expected assortment of wanderers, companions and held pets, as well as three super fun rares. I mean come on who doesn't want free kisses?

Play 20 times at our machine and automatically get a copy of Sir Elton Pug - our seed of inspiration!
He is a worn companion pug with 7 colors of tux and 4 fur textures.

Find it at The Gacha Garden from February 1st thru Feb 28th 2017.