Thursday, November 30, 2017

Santa's Samoyeds & Portable Purritos @ The Arcade!

TWO brand new gachas available December 1st @ The Arcade!
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Get into the holiday spirit with this new collection of supremely floofy doggos and puppers, delivered straight to the Arcade from Santa!  This collection offers 15 common wanderers and companions as well as 5 rares that include wandering and companion versions of Frosty the Samoyed, our adult Samoyed and a decorated pup house!


If you play 25 times at this machine during the December round of The Arcade, you get our special player reward prize! (Pictured below!)


Need some tiny, cute, cuddled comfort? Look no further than these teeny, tiny baby kitty purritos! Lay one of them back in your arm and sport one in your pocket -- there you go, you cute a.f. 

Our Portable Purrito machine is stuffed full of 7 common Purritos in a variety of fur colors - each with their own texture-change blanket - AND one rare, wearable Pocket Purrito in an easy-to-tint pocket, with texture-change fur and buttons!

Get them at The Arcade starting December 1st! 
(More information on the Arcade available HERE.)