Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kindred Kitsune @ Lootbox!

JIAN Kindred Kitsune @ Lootbox
Now available at Lootbox Magical Gacha!
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Apart from being the Japanese word for fox.. kitsune are also magical, mythical beings in Japanese folklore.  Their power and wisdom increase with age, which is represented in the number of their tails.

20 common companions, wanderers and head clingers in 4 texture varieties and two models - 5 tailed kitsune & 3 tailed pups.

2 RARE 9-tailed kitsunes in two texture varieties.  Each rare includes THREE models (meaning YES, you get all 3!) including a companion, wanderer and neck hugger.  

They're available NOW at the current round of Lootbox Magical Gacha, so grab yours before they're gone!