Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Highland Cattle Collection @ Uber!

Jian Highland Cattle Collection @ Uber!

Highland Cattle Collection @ Uber!
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Do you want fluffy cows?  Because this is how you get fluffy cows.  And a fence to keep them where you want them.  And a rad little shed because cows need somewhere to chill sometimes, ya know?  They're all available at Uber starting January 25th!  (Details for each below!)

Highland Cattle Collection

Includes worn companion, wandering cattle (15 LI), animated grazer (14 LI), animated snoozing cattle (6 LI) and static frame changer (2 LI, 8 static positions each)

Highland Cattle Shed

5 siding textures, 18 LI at included size, approximately 8x5m and fits on 256 sqm parcels!

Highland Farm Fence

7 piece set, physics enabled, scripted gate.  Each piece = 1 LI.