Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Glam Greyhounds and Teeny Tortoises @ The Arcade! (March 2018)

JIAN Glam Greyhounds ( The Arcade March '18)

Avaliable March 1st @ The Arcade and The Arcade 2!
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Our new pupper and doggo collection features these sophisticated yet silly italian greyhounds. All of them come with texture change collars and all items in the set are animated pets.

16 common, 3 rare aaaaand one play prize!

Play 25 times at our machine during the March round of The Arcade 2018 to automatically also get our player reward - the Pupper Armoire!

It's chock full of the stuff that your new puppers need to live their day to day lives, and also features two additional puppers having a nap on top.

JIAN Teeny Tortoises ( The Arcade March '18)

An all new collection of tiny tortoises that are just havin' a forever-nom on some delicious fruit (and if you're lucky, pancakes!)

8 common, 1 rare

3 LI at included size!