Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nimble Nekomata @ Lootbox!

JIAN Nimble Nekomata ( Lootbox March )
Available NOW @ Lootbox!
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That's riiiiight. It's Lootbox time again!  

This brand new collection of fantasy felines boasts a colorful collection of kitties that have split tails. They're creatures of Asian folklore.

18 commons available as wanderers, our usual companions and a new 'floater' companion that floats along beside you..


TWO rares that include FOUR different items each - a special nekomata with props, a companion, wanderer and a floater in a special coat texture.  


If you spend L$1000 at our machine, you automatically receive our special VIP prize - the Umbrella Napper!

Stop by Lootbox to play the machine!