Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dolphin Deco Collection @ FaMESHed!

JIAN Dolphin Deco Collection ( FaMESHed August )

Dolphin Deco Collection @ FaMESHed!
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Our new dolphin deco collection features an array of adult and baby dolphins in 5 species texture choices that wander and animate on your land in a variety of ways!

Details of all included:

Adult & Baby Dolphin Versions

5 Species Texture Options

Deep / Surface Wanderers  9 / 8 LI
   Free-wandering animated animals
   Deep Surface scripted to wander underwater
   Surface dolphin skims the surface of water and breeches with 
   water particles

Jumping Dolphin 12 LI
   Stationary animated animal
   Floats at surface and leaps out of water, landing back down
   with a splash of particles

Orbiter Dolphins (L/R) 4 LI
   Animals that swim in a define-able radius circle
   Moves either a clockwise or counterclockwise (L/R)

Static Frame Changer 2 LI
   Rezzed animated stationary decor
   Each has 8 ‘frames’ of static animation to choose from

Other Menu Options Include:
     resizing, animation on/off

Swim by and pick yours up at FaMESHed starting today at noon SLT!