Sunday, September 2, 2018

Barn Owl Collection @ FaMESHed!

JIAN Barn Owl Collection ( FaMESHed Sept. '18)

Available NOW @ FaMESHed!
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Do you like options?  We like options.  The new Barn Owl Collection has SO MANY OPTIONS.  You're super welcome.  

Included in this collection...

▬ Flying Companion
 animated flying pet that attaches to and animates with your avatar

▬ Shoulder Companion
 animated flying pet that attaches to your shoulder (or anywhere on your body) and  
 hitches a ride

▬ Wandering Owl  3li
  freely flying/wandering owl that soars above your land with a gentle flight anim 

▬ Placer Owl  5li
  stationary animated owl

▬ Orbiting Flying Owl (Left/Right) 3li
  flying owl that soars above your land in either a clock-wise or counter clock-wise circle path

▬ Standing Cage  6li
  animated owl in metal cage w/floor stand
  3 metal texture choices

▬ Ceiling/Surface Cage  5+li
  animated owl in metal cage  
  includes ceiling mount + chain link (1li ea)
  3 metal texture choices

▬ Table Perch 5li
  table-top animated owl on perch
  3 metal/wood texture choices

Scripted Resize / Floating Name Text Options

Get 'em at FaMESHed.