Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Party Poodles & Cuddly Corgis @ The Epiphany!

JIAN Party Poodles (The Epiphany Jan '19)
Get 'em NOW at The Epiphany!
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It's time to... PARTY! 
Poodle party, that is!
These poodles know how to get down and chow down.

20 common, 3 rare

At the Epiphany you can also trade in your gachas for points to get exclusive to the round prizes. Be sure to look for ours at the event!

----- Cuddly Corgis -----

JIAN Cuddly Corgis (The Epiphany Jan '19)

(Sorry, I'm just super impressed with these little dudes.  Kalia & Ashur did a killer job and I'm totally braggin' on 'em for it.)

New corgis!  Snuggly little duuuudes.  

1 rare, 12 common, all cute AF