Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tiger Collection @ Debut Round of Belle!

JIAN Tiger Collection (Belle Feb '19)

Available at the debut round of Belle!
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Oh, y'all wanted a tiger?  WE GOT YOU, BOO!  Choose from natural orange, white, golden tabby or maltese coat varieties. We got murder floof OPTIONSSSSSS.

Included in this set...
Worn Companion
Rezzed Wanderer 17li
5 Static Frame Choosers 1-2li
Look, Roar, Run, Sit, Walk
Tiger Couch 31li
Seats 2 at a time; 6 animations
5 Color Choices for Pillows & Base
4 fur texture choices

What's Belle?  Your new favorite event, that's what.  Hit the link above for more details about that or the one below to pop over and check it out for yourself.  Don't forget your tiger.  <3