Monday, May 6, 2019

Lion & Tiger Cubs @ Belle!

JIAN WIP Tiger & Lion Cubs

Available NOW @ Belle!
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I am so friggin' excited, you guys.  WE GOT BABY MURDER MITTENS! Tiger Cub and Lion Cub Collections are available at Belle for L$500 each!  For more information on Belle, please visit

JIAN Lion Cub Collection (Belle. May '19)

Companions, wanderers, static frame choosers, a whole mess of coat options and - of course - floating names.  Get you a lil Simba.  

JIAN Tiger Cub Collection (Belle. May '19)

Would you rather have a tiger?  'Cause we have those too.  Maybe you should get both.  They come in wanderers, companions and frame changers too, ya know.  Buncha textures.  Give 'em a name.