Friday, January 10, 2020

Fifty Linden Friday & Saturday Sale LEEZARDS!

We have LEOPARD GECKOS for Fifty Linden Friday and PANTHER CHAMELEONS for Saturday Sale @ JIAN Mainstore this weekend!

Das right, my guys.  Leezards.  For your face. (That doesn't mean eat them.  Please don't eat your friends.)

Leopard Gecko Terrarium is L$50 through the weekend for Fifty Linden Friday and includes the following: 

Terrarium - comes with two geckos already inside in 5 table wood textures.
Placer Geckos - Animated & static versions you can stick pretty much anywhere you want to, as long as you're allowed to rez things!

Panther Chameleon Habitat is L$75 through this weekend for The Saturday Sale and incluuuudes: 

 Habitat with one chameleon, 12 LI at given size
Solo & Stick Chameleons (9 LI) for EVEN MORE LIZARDS
Held Chameleon (attaches to right hand with AO)