Friday, July 3, 2020

Flashy, but not TOO flashy. Firefly Grasses for The Saturday Sale!

Firefly Grasses Collection @ JIAN Mainstore for The Saturday Sale!
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For just L$75 this weekend, you can pick up our Firefly Grasses Collection as this week's Saturday Sale offering! Check it out -- 

Firefly Spawner Grass

Patch of grass spawns individual fireflies.  Fireflies freely roam from where spawned.  
Grass texture changes. 5 Textures! 
Each firefly 2 LI

Decorative Grass Patches

Static decor grasses match spawner.
4 mesh grass shapes.
5 Texture Choices
1 LI each

Rezzed Orbiting Fireflies

2 long / 2 short, left / right orbiters
Animates and flies in circles from where rezzed
2 LI each firefly

Low-Impact Sparkle Jar

Animated sparkles glow intermittently inside!
1 LI each!