Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Red Panda Collection available NOW @ JIAN Mainstore!
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It's tiiiiiiiime and I'm so excited! You guys have no idea how hard it's been seeing these little dudes behind the scenes all week and not gushing about them.  Or maybe you do, because I definitely did some gushing about them.

We're happy to bring you our newest addition -- The Red Panda Collection! 

First things first, what some of you have undoubtedly been waiting for - the giveaway winners!


stranger nightfire, juniper roxley, misty heartsong, graydirk enoch, acesona, younglord gracemount, solstice aurelia, jojo songlark, lotta difference, morgana teebrook, akasha sternberg, pixels sideways, noctis hollow, ariana petrova and nimanda rhode!

Each winner will receive the fatpack of this release!

Speaking of the fatpack, this is what's included: 

--- Red pandas are ANIMESH. ---

Each version of our new Red Pandas comes with a comprehensive HUD that's absolutely PACKED with options!  Fur textures, floating name text, animation toggles for specified animations, sound, phantom toggle aaaand the HUD has been updated with a minimize button for your convenience!

Introductory Discount Prices
(This week only!)
Fatpack - L$2000 intro / L$3000 normal (33% DISCOUNT!)
Shoulder / Arm Held Pack - L$900 intro / L$1200 normal (25% DISCOUNT!)
Habitat & Statics Pack - L$900 intro / L$1200 normal (25% DISCOUNT!)
Companion / Wanderer Pack - L$900 intro / L$1200 normal (25% DISCOUNT!)

Companion & Wanderer

- Worn Companion attaches to avatar center -- walks, runs and plays various idle animations alongside your avatar!
- Rezzed wanderer freely moves within a defineable radus on land or a prim - 43 LI each!

Shoulder & Arm Helds

- Shoulder red panda hops from one side of you to the other, noms on bamboo and swipes playfully!
- Arm red panda waves and grooms its tail while overriding your avatar's arm animations. (Optional disable for this.)
- Both play various idle animations.

Habitat & Statics Pack

- Three rezzable animated habitat props:
- Tree Teeter Bridge (55 LI)
- Bamboo Hut & Ramp (47 LI)
- Water Dish Dtump (44 LI)

- 7 static posed red pandas with mirrored copies:
spring, eat, sleep, wave, prowl, swipe & lick!