Thursday, January 28, 2021

We've got a WHALE of a release for you! Our all new Orca Collection is SPLASHING DOWN!

Orca Collection available NOW @ JIAN Mainstore!

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Guys.  GUYS.

Why did the whale cross the ocean? 

To get to the other TIDE!

----- Before we get into the details -- OUR GIVEAWAY WINNERS! -----

Shyrel India

Nidawi Darkward

fallrose resident

seeurchin resident

chrissywest resident

Woe Nova

quinnsley resident

mordachai draegonne

amalphia baxton


Each pack includes the relevant version of our Comprehensive Control HUD, as has become standard for all new JIAN releases!

You can view the HUD/Orca instructions here: Orca Instructions OR by clicking the question mark button on your control HUD! 

For their first week in-store, these Orcas will be available at a special introductory price! 

Introductory Prices:

L$900 Individual Packs

L$2500 Fatpack

These orcas are available in 3 packs and a fatpack that includes all 3!  The packs are as follows: 

Companions & Wanderers

Mounted Rideable Orcas

Posed Pack

***UPDATE 1/31/2021***

After requests from our customers, we've added two new sizes of the orca to our companions and wanderers!
You'll now find 'small' and 'dwarf' size orcas in the companion & wanderer and complete collection packages.
This is a free update for owners of the two mentioned products and you can get it by accessing your personal shopping history, either on the web if you already have it saved or by visiting us in-store and clicking on the redelivery terminal.