Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Sea Turtles are COMING SOON! Enter to win!

Our new animesh Sea Turtles are coming soon!
Learn how to enter to win your own complete fatpack collection when they go live by reading on.

you have two ways to enter -- and you can use both to increase your chances!

by wearing your Jian group tag and clicking on the entry sign.
You'll get a confirmation in local chat with what number entry you are!

- and/or - 

by love-reacting, sharing and commenting your resident name on the post.
You must do all three for your entry to count!

... and now some previews and information about the sea turtles you'll win!

The turtles will come as our hallmark companions, wanderers and mounts!
Mounts will have a special saddle equipped with a kelp basket for keeping your new favorite sea mount well fed. The saddle will come in 8 color varieties to match your choice of turtle color/species.

4 Natural Species Textures, 5 Fantasy Colors

8 Saddle Color Choices w/ 3 Kelp Basket Colors
8 Saddle Color Choices w/ 3 Kelp Basket Colors

And some previews of the sea turtle's animations that have separate varieties for both on land and swimming in the sea...

Our new Sea Turtles will be here, ready to ferry you through the great digital blue of Second Life, before you know it!
Be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win it all for FREE!