Monday, August 2, 2021

Gachas and JIAN: Changes coming~

On 8/2/21, Linden Lab announced the end of gacha in Second Life.

As previously announced on our blog, we are already in the process of making all of our gachas into fatpacks available as copy / no transfer product collections.

We will be expediting this process and making all of our gacha collections available as fatpack collections to the best of our ability before the 30-day grace period ends on September 1st.
Be sure to keep a watch for notices about when these go live and news about them.

Our group and discord channels can still continue to be used to trade gachas, so not to worry!

Thank you all for sticking it out with us and your understanding!

PS - The good news is... this does NOT affect your existing gacha items or any other items!
This does not affect consumers and their existing items whatsoever. The only thing this changes is how merchants and creators are allowed to sell you items. So, please do not worry~ All's good!