Thursday, September 9, 2021

A Great Dane, er.. Deal for Fifty Linden Friday!


Great Dane Pup & Adult Collections for Fifty Linden Friday @ JIAN Mainstore!
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Did you ever want a horse that can live inside your house and sleep on your couch?  Cause that's basically what a Great Dane is, my dudes.  It's a house horse.  Try saying that three times fast.

This weekend only, you can get both the Pup and Adult collections of our Great Danes for just L$50 each for Fifty Linden Friday! 

Pups come in companion, wanderer and arm-fulla-puppies held varieties -- as well as 4 different decor pups with props. 

Adults come in companions, wanderers and a flappy-jowled fan version.  All dogs come in 4 coat textures!