Tuesday, December 7, 2021

NEW Animesh Foxes scurrying into Jian! Plus Giveaway Winners!!

All new, all Animesh Foxes are here to delight!

Scamper into the Jian Mainstore to get them for a discounted price, for a limited time only! (After 2 weeks, they will return to regular price). Want to know more? Want to see if you're a winner? Click through for more pictures and info + Giveaway results!

First new item is a set of Animesh Companions and Wanderers! A friendly fox will walk and play at your side, no land required! Or you can rez out a Wanderer (39 LI) and they'll have fun on your land! They're easy to customize! For more info on how it all works, check here!

Want to be a bit more cuddly? Held Foxes are where its at! There's an arm held fox and one perched on your shoulder! Changing textures to personalize your new foxy friend is easy with our universal texture change hud! 

Finally we have the Posed & Decor Pack! Includes a beautiful Fallen Tree Den with seasonal texture change options, and a large variety of animated animesh and static posed foxes! Your sim will really come to life with these fellas playing around it!

Come get one or all sets, right down at Jian

And NOW! The giveaway winners! These fabulous people will receive the complete fox collection! Congratulations!

FB Winners:

Banca Resident
Alicia Cyr
Zombie incognito

In World Winners:


Didn't win this time? Keep checking Facebook and In World for future giveaways!