Thursday, November 10, 2022

Turkeys and Piggies on sale this weekend!


Gobble Gobble! Feeling presidential this year? Pardon your own turkey by picking one up this Friday for Fifty Linden Friday! Available in Classic and White versions, this fan tailed friend is non-animesh and includes a wanderer, static displays and a worn companion! 

Check out the White version by clicking this blog entry! Also! You can see the adorable piglets that are on sale for the Secret Sale starting Saturday as well!

Happy Harvest Time everyone!

And for the Secret Sale...

The Jian Piglet Playtime Collection is a Non- Animesh gang of piglets, on sale starting Saturday at Midnight! This set has four texture varieties, a worn companion, a held version, a rezzed wanderer and a decor version. For those of us that have just entered the rainy season, don't worry! There's a special Rainy Day version of the companion included in the set!

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