Thursday, May 25, 2023

Cool Down by the Pool or Beachside this Memorial Day with Jian's Weekend Sales!


It's Weekend Sale Time! Memorial Day is upon us, and with it, its' time to relax waterside and enjoy the Summer heat! (for those of us who enjoy the heat. This blogger in particular could do with more cold rainy days!)  These items are not animesh, so they are low land impact and fun for the whole family!

 For FLF we have the Splashy Spaniels, a classic Jian Set available in four fur versions! There are a lot of options in each, so it is a real steal at 50L a pack! Get it while it's discounted!

For the Secret Sale, we have the Beach Bums chairs! One comes with a lovely chihuahua, the other is a cool pug who's taking a rest from a day of fun!  The animals are static, but both packs come with a chair you can sit in as well! Very cool! Secret Sale starts at midnight on Saturday and runs through Sunday night before the deal is over!

Click this Blog to see more pics of what's on sale!

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☛ TP to JIAN Pets by Clicking Here