Thursday, October 12, 2023

NEW Halloween Pup Shirts for Fifty Linden Friday! Lab Pups Fatpack 25% off! Bats for the Secret Sale!


Brand New Designs for the Labrador Puppy T-shirt, available now for Fifty Linden Friday!

These only work with our animesh pups, so be sure you've got one to wear it! Lots of cute designs and silly sayings to get in the spirit of Halloween! Discounted this weekend only for FLF!

During the sale, the Labrador Puppy Fatpack will be 25% Off! Reap the Savings!

For the Secret Sale, we're pulling some bats out of our belfry (or the vault)! SO check back Saturday at midnight!

FLF is available NOW!

The Secret Sale starts Midnight on Saturday and lasts all weekend!

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