Thursday, November 9, 2023

It's Cats Vs. Dogs this Weekend! 50L for Beagle Pups, Held Chubby Cats... and a cute puppy rolling around in leaves!


It's Cats Vs Dogs this weekend at Jian! 

In this corner, we have the adorable Beagle Pup! 

This Non-Animesh buddy includes a Wanderer, Companion and Held version! 

Only 50L for FLF this weekend only!

But what of the cats? Who is on sale for 50L for Saturday Sale and the Secret Sale? How do you get to JIAN Pets? Why do both cats and dogs always insist on putting their tongues in my nose? 

At least three of these questions are answered if you click to see the rest of this post!

In this corner, we have the Chubby Loaf Cat for the Saturday Sale!
This Non-Animesh cutie is a worn attachment, has 5 coat and 3 eye options, and is just the sweetest baby... but only when you're too busy to really give it affection!

Get the Chubby Loaf Cat for only 50L this weekend!

Finally, for the Secret Sale, we have the Leaf Pile Pupper! 
This little guy doesn't care about the fight, he's happy just rolling around and having some Fall Fun! He's an animated decor item, 4LI at included size.  Get him this weekend for only 50L! 

50L Friday and Saturday Sale items available now!

The Secret Sale starts Midnight on Saturday and lasts all weekend!

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