Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mead Hall Collection @ The Fantasy Collective

JIAN Mead Hall (The Fantasy Collective)

Mead Hall Collection at the September round of The Fantasy Collective!

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The next best thing to Valhalla!  (Or Sovngarde, if you like it like that.)

This solid, rustic collection is guaranteed to hold up under even the biggest of Tormund and Brienne's monstrous offspring.  It includes:

Hall Table, 1LI
Hall Bench, 3LI
Dragon Bench, 3LI
2 Chairs, 1LI each
(with 5 texture changes and animations for up to 3 people)
Dragon Wall Torch, 1LI
Mjolnir & Longboat Candles, 1LI each with animated flame

450L @ The Fantasy Collective until September 22nd!