Saturday, September 30, 2017

Raven Collection @ Salem

JIAN Raven Collection (Salem '17)

Available @ Salem Oct. 1st!
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The raven collection includes...
Worn Animated Companion
Attaches to your shoulder and animates alongside of you as you move
Rezzed Wanderer // 8li
Land wandering raven that freely flies and/or walks on land or any surface you rez it on, within a customizable radius
Orbiter L & R // 6li
Sky flying raven that orbits either left or right in a circle as it animates to fly
Perched // 5li
Raven that animates in one place
Spooky Raven Tree // 8li
Just a spooky tree... boo!
Stands approx. 9.2m
Find it at the exclusively at Salem through October.