Sunday, October 1, 2017

Spiders and Fences @ FaMESHed!

JIAN House Spiders (FaMESHed October)JIAN Pale Picket Fences (FaMESHed October)

Keep those darn kids off your lawn @ the October round of FaMESHed!
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Pale Picket Fences

These worn out fences come with a variety of pieces to make any shape perimeter you might need, as well as several pieces with spider webs (that will make a perfect new home for your spiders, also at FaMESHed this month!)

Features:  scripted gate, 4 gate opening ends, 4 variations spiderwebbed fence pieces, 4 sizes continuous fencing, 3 styles of end post with and without webs.  

House Spiders

Now, now, don't be so quick to judge these little guys as creepy -- they just want to be your cute new buddies!

Our new house spider collection includes a variety of spiders, both for your avatar and for rezzing, that are sure to bring your spoopy creations in-world to life.

Creep on over to FaMESHed and get yours today!