Friday, October 27, 2017

New Group Gift!

JIAN & DRD Group Gifts!

Along with our friends over at DRD, we have a new group gift for you!
We will also be retiring all of our old group gifts as of December 1st, 2017.
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Who doesn't want a disgruntled kitty staring at them, judging them, and licking its paws all day as it lounges in style? No one we know, and that's why you can now get this disgruntled kitty and a perch for it to rest on now at JIAN and DRD.

We also want to make our followers aware of the retirement of our older group gifts.
On Dec. 1st 2017, all group gifts released prior to the Disgruntled Lounging Cat will be retired permanently, only to be possibly be made available to new group members on special occasions in the future. If you have already grabbed these gifts, don't worry! Your ownership of them is recorded on our older sales server and you can get a redelivery of them any time you like by going to a redelivery terminal and using the older redelivery method (on the left).

The Disgruntled Lounging Cat (and its perch) will be available until mid-January.

After that, we will aim to start bringing you more frequent new group gifts that will be available for a limited time, to be replaced by NEW group gifts!

We hope everyone has a safe and super Happy Halloween!

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