Monday, April 16, 2018

Beekeeper Collection @ our mainstore for FaMESHed GO!

JIAN Beekeeper Collection :: FaMESHed GO

That was a mouthful.  You can get them at our mainstore as part of FaMESHed GO!
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What in the heck is a FaMESHed GO, you ask?  It's a BRAND NEW event from the creators of FaMESHed that focuses on bringing people BACK to creators' mainstores!  Get the HUD, preview the items, click directly on the item you want to be teleported to the store where you can purchase it.  After 10 purchases for the round, you get a prize made by one of the creators for that round!  

AND WE MADE BEES!  HECKIN' BEES!  They're the good kind that pollinate flowers and make delicious treats and would never fly up your pant leg to sting your butt, ever.  

Set includes:

- Spawnable Bees - In single form or groups, with easy to customize flying radius.  1 LI each at included size.

- Honey Jars - 6 arrangement options, 1 LI at included size.

- Warre Style Beehives - Bottom, middle and top pieces, textures for empty and full, 7 color choices, separate honeycombs (both individual and combined.) 1-2 LI each at included size.  

Grab your FaMESHed GO HUD today and head on over to the mainstore!