Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ragdoll Cat Collection & Ragdoll Cat Snoozing Chair @ FaMESHed!

Do you like fluffy kitties?  We like fluffy kitties.  We made more fluffy kitties for you. 
They're at 
FaMESHed right now.  Get you some.

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- Ragdoll Cat Collection -

With 4 coat textures, floating name text, animation & sound toggle and scripted resize -- the cat collection comes in our standard wanderer and companion varieties. So much kitty.  Aw yeah.

- Ragdoll Cat Snoozing Chair -

*** Available only at the May round of FaMESHed! ***

Chair for you, chair for kitty.  The fluffiest co-pilot a body could ask for.  Human chair is 2 LI, cat chair is 1 LI with an animated snoozin' kitty to keep you company.  Both chairs have 6 texture options.