Friday, June 1, 2018

Splashy Spaniels & Flying Piggers @ The Arcade!

JIAN Splashy Spaniels (The Arcade 6/18)
Available NOW @ The Arcade
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***** Splashy Spaniels *****

This collection is for those of you looking to add more puppers to your pool! These guys are ready to dive in and swim with you this summer, or soak up the sun lazily as the time passes away.

Play 25 times at our machine during the June round of The Arcade 2018 to automatically get our player reward - the adult floaty!

You'll no doubt have puppers on a float to take you away, but complete your collection by letting this big ol' floofer wander around your pool too.

JIAN Flying Piggers (The Arcade 6/18)

Dare to live your dreams, lil piggies. Whether it be on wings of gold with a streak of the rainbow or simply tying themselves to a balloon, these piggers will prove anything is possible as they fly this round of The Arcade.