Monday, June 25, 2018

RC Cluster Firefly Catcher Collab, Firefly Grasses & Summer River House @ Uber! (6/25/18)

JIAN Firefly Catcher Collection (Uber 6/25/18)
Firefly Catcher Collection, Firefly Grasses & Summer River House all available NOW @ Uber!

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Firefly Catcher Collection

That's riiight.  A new collab with one of our favorite stores brings you CATCHABLE FIREFLIES!  (Or, as Tricky calls them, lightning bugs.)  Worn jar animates your avatar to stare in absolute wonder at flashy bug booty and catch 'em for yourself.  Wearable orbiting fireflies attach to your avatar in several configurations!

JIAN Firefly Grasses Collection (Uber 6/25/18)

Firefly Grasses Collection

Matching up perfectly with our Firefly Catcher Collection, this set of grasses includes a patch of grass in 5 textures that spawns fireflies, a matching grass patch (no firefly spawn) in 5 textures and 4 shapes, a low impact sparkle jar AND rezzable orbiting fireflies!  (Cough cough, lighning bugs.)

JIAN Summer River House (Uber 6/25/18)

Summer River House

You know what would look good around this thing?  Some grass and fireflies.  Good thing WE MADE SOME FOR YOU, right?  16 LI at the included size, fits a 256sqm plot, scripted doors, windows open separately upon clicking.  Open concept first floor AND A SECOND FLOOR.  That's right.  Two floors.  (Tricky's really excited about it, can you tell?) 

Come get yours during the June-July round of Uber!