Sunday, July 1, 2018

Alpaca Collection, Barn Stall & Fence @ FaMESHed!


Alpaca Collection, Fence & Barn Stall available NOW @ FaMESHed!
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Alpaca Collection

LOOK.  LOOK AT THEIR PRECIOUS FACES.  We love them, you're gonna love them and they're gonna love you back!  This collection includes worn companions, rezzed wanderers, a static laying alpaca and a static frame changer (for all those sweet photo ops) in like.. 18 texture choices.  (Kalia went HAM, y'all.)
And, as always, the included menu allows for resize, naming and turning the animations/sound on and off.  

Barn Stall

Made for our Alpaca Collection, but useful for any number of animals, unruly children and annoying coworkers.  5 LI at included size, the barn stall has scripted open/close gates, a texture change menu and a bale of haaaaay (giiiirl.)

Alpaca Fence

Otherwise they'll wander off, ya know? Gotta keep your fluffgoats safe and all.  This fence comes in 6 different pieces that weigh in at a wispy 1 LI each and the gate piece is scripted to open and close! 

Swing by FaMESHed and pick them up all month!