Monday, July 16, 2018

Beach Party Pointers @ The Epiphany!

JIAN Beach Party Pointers ( The Epiphany July '18)

Available NOW @ The Epiphany!
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There's no better way to party for the summer than with a good pupper and doggo at your side... and these canines are dressed for the occasion!

4 rares and 16 commons in a combination of companion, wanderer and held animals!  

Play L$1000 worth of pulls from our machine and get our VIP prize - the adult and pup collection (sans costumes)! Yes, you read that right.  The whole dang thing.  (VIP prize animals are texture change and come with copy/no trans permissions.)

At The Epiphany you can also trade in your gachas for points to get exclusive to the round prizes. Ours this round is a special beach chair with a posed pup doin' a snooze.  Heckin' cute, yo.

Swing by The Epiphany to play the machine!