Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Spoiled Rotten Rotties & Rascal Rats @ Epiphany! (Oct. 2018)

JIAN Spoiled Rotten Rotties (The Epiphany Oct '18)

Both available NOW at The Epiphany!
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It's that time of year when we all wanna be a lil spooky and these new rottweilers we have for you are all dressed up in their Halloween best to help you out with that! 

Play L$1000 worth of pulls from our machine and get our VIP prize - the adult non-costumed companion & wanderer rottweiler~

At the Epiphany you can also trade in your gachas for points to get exclusive to the round prizes. Ours this round is a pupper that has fallen asleep inside of a pumpkin and spilled candy corn about.

15 Common, 6 Rare, 21 to collect!



Rascal Rats!  With 8 commons and 1 rare in four colors and two versions (wanderer and companion) AND a texture change RARE shoulder version, there's plenty of rodentry to go around.  Yeah I made up a word just now.  Feel free to use it.  

This machine comes with its own point prize!  A sleepy lil rat homie, complete with texture change menu. 

You can get 'em all at The Epiphany or shop from the mirror sim here!