Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Epiphany WIP & Kalia Thx U

Hey everyone!
Today we have two little items to put on the blog. First, the reason you're probably here: Our The Epiphany work in progress and sneak peak pic!

JIAN WIP :: The Epiphany - Rottweilers!

As you can hopefully gather from the above pic, our first of two gacha collections coming to The Epiphany will feature a highly requested breed of pooch - rottweilers. We hope you all will enjoy these puppers and their Halloween costumes that they'll sport.

And after the post cut from the front page, a personal message from Kalia...

Hi Jian friends~

As you may have seen in our group notices, Ashur kindly let you all know where I've been for the past week or so - on Oct. 2nd I was sent to the hospital for monitoring and on Oct. 4th I delivered my husband's and my son via emergency c-section. He was a couple weeks early but full term, is completely healthy and was his dad's birthday present - they now share the same birthday!

My recovery from the surgery has been a bit rough and I can't thank my husband, Ashur, Tricky, and all of our family and friends (including you all reading this!) for your patience with me and your understanding as to why I've been kind of slow to respond and work these past few months especially. Our son thanks you, too. Ashur showed me all of your messages from the group chat while I was in the hospital and it really brightened my day and meant so much.

Here's hoping you'll continue to allow us and the new addition to the Jian family to serve your pixel pet needs into the future while I adjust to this new additional role I've never had before but am beyond grateful for the chance to have.

As sincerely as I can possibly state once again, thank you for being a part of how I'm able to raise this lil dude and do what I do best - model and paint critters.

Kalia Firelyte