Thursday, November 1, 2018

Grey Foxes & Blackberry Bushes @ FaMESHed!

JIAN Grey Foxes & Blackberries (FaMESHed Nov '18)

Available NOW @ FaMESHed!
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The seasons have turned and these gray foxes are scavenging for food in the last autumn days we have. Scatter about blackberries for them to feed on when you bring them to your backyard.

Gray Fox collection includes...

▬ Companion Fox
 animated pet that attaches to and animates with your avatar

▬ Wandering Fox 10li
  animated land-roaming fox that moves about within a defineable radius

▬ Static Mesh Foxes 1-2li
  decorative fox meshes that allow you to change 'frames' of animation for a static pose

Scripted Resize / Floating Text Name

Blackberry Bushes include...

▬ Bush 1li
  seasonally texture changing berry bush

▬ Basket 3li
  decorative or worn basket that you can rez out or wear on your avatar

▬ Scattered Berries 1-4li
  berry clusters of 5 varying sizes and densities to litter the ground (so your foxes can forage!)