Thursday, November 29, 2018

Snow Day St. Bernards & Kringle's Kittens @ The Epiphany!

JIAN Snow Day St. Bernards (The Epiphany Dec '18) JIAN Kringle's Kittens (The Epiphany Dec '18)

Both available NOW @ The Epiphany!
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*** At the Epiphany you can also trade in your gachas for points to get exclusive to the round prizes. Be sure to look for ours at the event! Point prizes are not available after the current round of the event has ended! ***

Snow Day St. Bernards

All the best parts of a snow day -- WITH YOUR DOG!  Peein' in the snow, wearin' cute snow suits, huckin' snowballs, buildin' snowpuppers.. chillin' in an igloo that took you two full days to build because holy moly making bricks out of snow is so much work.  This set has all that stuff AND a brandy barrel!

 3 Rares
Adult Companion, Adult Wanderer (16 LI), Tree Wizzer (6 LI)

16 Commons
- Naked & 3 Snowsuit types each in held, companion & wanderer (10 LI each) versions
- Snow Fort (2 LI) Rezzed Static Decor
- Snowdog (4 LI) Rezzed Static Decor
- Adult St. Bernard Igloo (4 LI) Rezzed Static Decor
- Pupper St. Bernard Igloo (2 LI) Rezzed Static Decor

Point Prize
Snow Mound Pup (1 LI) Rezzed Static Decor

Kringle's Kittens

Precious lil stocking stuffer decor kittens.  Deck your halls, yo.

1 Rare
Triple Stuffer Kittens (1 LI)

12 Commons
4 Patterns/Poses Each in 3 Colors
1 LI Each at Included Size
Coat Texture Change Kittens

You can get them at the main Epiphany sim HERE or at the mirror sim HERE!