Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Boxer Bedlam @ The Epiphany! (Oct. 2019)

JIAN Boxer Bedlam @ The Epiphany Oct '19

Boxer Bedlam @ The Epiphany!
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It's time to get SPOOOOKY!

These boxers are ready to trick or treat, in horror fashion.

Play L$1000 worth of plays on our machine and automatically get our VIP ghost boxers - COMPANION AND WANDERER of both adult and pup!

At the Epiphany you can also trade in your gachas for points to get exclusive to the round prizes. Be sure to look for ours at the event!

Don't forget, if the sim is full -- you can always try The Epiphany Mirror Sim!

This gacha collection is made up of animated ANIMESH critters that include wanderers, companions and held companions!  Animesh animals cannot be resized, but these pooches otherwise come with all our usual features!